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Why Join

Paying membership fees will allow you reduced cost access to pool sessions, and the free use of club kit on club trips. Membership is also a requirement to be on the key list to access the boat store.

The membership fees are all spent on providing for your kayaking experience, with a significant amount spent on the costs of the pool sessions, and the rest on either kayaking kit, or courses to enable the more experienced kayakers to be better able to teach the beginners.


Also -

  • Meet like minded people interested in kayaking
  • Learn more about paddlesport
  • Join in our activities and courses (or organize some of our own)
  • Use Club Kit
  • Use the club forum and Facebook group
  • Access the members area of the website
  • Use the pool at a reduced rate and get priority use over non-members
  • Get a reduced rate for family members
  • Take part in official training sessions
  • Help out with coaching in the club and the club may contribute financially to future coaching qualifications
  • BCU Insurance cover on club trips
  • Get club discount in local kayak shops
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Have a say in how the club is run
  • Get out and paddle!

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