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Cumbrae Trip Nov 2014

Date:- 16th Nov 2014


Paddlers:- Andrew, Colin, Maurice, Phil, Douglas and Myself


Another day in paradise on the West Coast of Scotland.


Maurice and myself set of from home at 7.45am on a Sunday morning to meet up at Largs Marina with the other members of our trip, with the dawn just breaking and the air shrouded in mist, we were thinking, what have we let ourselves in for this morning.

However, buy the time we got  to Largs the mist had lifted and we were looking out over the water to Big Cumbrae thinking this is going to be a nice paddle today. Oh were we to be treated to some spectacular weather for November.

Setting off from Largs with the Hunterson terminal in the distance.

Andrew with Big Cumbrae in the background.


Setting of our plan was to take a short paddle about 8.5Km down to Little Cumbrae Castle, with the outgoing tide helping us along, about half way down the wind picked up slightly where Phil and Douglas decided to try their sails out. We headed on down and did not take long to reach our first coffee stop of the day at the castle.