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Moving Water Course 2016


With the end of the pool sessions this is the time of year to move outdoors and use and improve on those skills learned in the pool and acquire some very important new ones necessary for this new environment.
The course will commence on Sunday 3rd April. Meet at the boat store at the Citadel at 9.00am to pick up kit and boats. You will need a minimum of a wetsuit (and thermals depending on the weather conditions) and old trainers o...r wetsuit boots. The club has cags, helmets, buoyancy aids and spraydecks.
This year we propose to provide training in both river and sea kayaks if there is sufficient demand although the initial sessions will be in the river at Doonfoot. The skills learned are transferable so any members whose interest is only on the sea should not miss these sessions.
The plan is to progress everyone through the skillsets of their chosen discipline and by the end be able to join in with river runs or sea trips which are being undertaken throughout the year depending on your ability level.
If you wish to take part please indicate here or register at the final pool session on Sunday 20th March. Please also indicate which is your preferred discipline.


Membership Senior  £25

Membership Junior  £15

Membership Family 2 adults with children £60

New members welcome.  




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